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Buy Name-Meaning Plaques from our Founding site, Meaning.Name or call 740-984-2583!

CrossTimber has updated their main website with more new products, and dozens of additional full-color designs to personalize with a name and meaning.

I have used name meaning gifts my ministry for years, which is how CrossTimber started making Name Meaning gifts. In the last few years, I've heard dozens of customers say that bookstores just aren't carrying Name Meaning cards anymore. I've talked with several Christian Bookstore owners, and they list several top reasons why they don't carry the cards; mostly because it is too cumbersome to manage and restock all the 100s of names, and that they're usually left with 2/3rds of the cards that don't sell.

Which leaves people searching for name meaning gifts online, where they find us!  The best place to find name meaning gifts online is from CrossTimber, at www.Meaning.Name.  They make wonderful personalized name meaning gifts for pastors, churches, schools and individuals all over the country. Below are our various products and their dimensions.

1. Name Meaning Music Boxes You choose from three beautiful box styles, three musical tunes, and dozens of beautiful prints for the name meaning!  Personalize with any name and a custom message inside the lid, --even unique names or unusual spellings.  There are extras you can add, like a custom inscription inside the lid, a matching stationary set, or a matching bookmark, etc.  Click here to see our beautiful music box designs!

2. Name Meaning Bookmarks, 2" x 6.5" Speaking of Bookmarks, these are also a best seller.  Bookmarks can also be personalized with your choice of design/background.  www.Bookmarks.Name There are both vertical and landscape designs, all laminated. $3.99 each, with quantity discounts down to $2.79 each.  Many ministries like to put a custom inscription on the back of the bookmarks, which is $10 for the entire order, or $1 per individual inscription.  (To Bobby, to Betty, etc.)

3. NamePlaques, a full-color 5x7 print, in a frame; can be hung on the wall or placed on desktop. These can also be customized with your choice of design/background, and matching bookmarks can be added to the plaque for $2. NamePlaques are $25 each, and if you order 3 or more, you get a discount and matching bookmarks for free! View the 200+ designs at www.Meaning.Name

4. Personalized Coffee Mugs 11oz ceramic mugs, personalized with a name, meaning and connecting Bible verse.  For $1, you can add a personal note to the back, and for $2, you can add a matching bookmark.  Check out the choices at www.Meaning.Name

5. Scripture Gifts: all of the above items are also available without the name meanings, and instead, a favorite verse of scripture.  More info on the CrossTimber website: www.Meaning.Name

Got questions about name meanings?  Want to know what your name means?  Visit our website at www.Meaning.Name

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